Nearly 90% of all businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Video is the most powerful way to tell the right story and reach the desired audience. In a post-pandemic world this trend will continue to grow.

No-one knows your business or organisation better than you. But how can you stay in control of each single production as well as your long-term strategy for return on video investment?

When you’re thinking like this about video it’s time to contact River, Your Executive Producers.

Your executive producers

An initial open and free consultation with a senior River producer will help you focus your requirements.

We will collaborate with you to work out what it is you want to say through video:

  • the ideas you want to get across to your audience,
  • the way you want your business to be represented.

Video is about crafting the right story and this is more than just images on a screen. Yes, we can make great video for you, but more than that we can help you ensure impact, value and return on investment. 


river provide intelligent advice on:

  • Commissioning new and utilising existing content
  • Making the budget go further
  • Choosing the right producer
  • Video production training for in house production by your team


river expertly help to organise:

  • Video library management
  • Easy access to, and sharing of, content
  • Reviews of the quality and impact of content
  • Re-tuning assets for secondary use


river production teams produce:

  • Compelling, intelligent, and targeted content that makes a difference
  • Superb quality video, motion graphics and animation
  • Original music and soundscapes
  • Professionally edited content from customer-produced video.

Your working partner



Examine your existing video content, your market and your competitors with a view to generating cut-through for your content in your market.


Explore your ideas, your image assets and your ambitions with a view to best-combining your knowledge with ours to achieve return on investment.


Execute your plan by helping you develop the knowledge, resources and contacts to future-manage your video content, brand and budget.

Your trusted creative

River has been flowing since 1998, making waves and directing the current creatively through streams, choppy waters, calm canals and wide estuaries in pursuit of quality, excellence and sustainability navigating nationally and internationally the A to Z of sectors including:

Aerospace, Bio Science, Construction, Design, Education, Fire & Rescue, Governmental, Health, Inward Investment, Justice, Knowledge, Logistics, Manufacturing, Non-profit, Oil and Gas, Pharma, Quantum Physics, Railways, Shipping, Tourism, Utilities, Veterinary, Waste Management, X-ray therapy, Yachting, Zoology.

We have worked with large and small organisations and companies including:

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